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DF Branding

Brand Identity and Influence

    From Brand Development, Production, Publishing, and Graphic Design, to Social Media Management and Artist Development.

    We give brands the voice they need to attract customers online and off.

    Are you a:

    Public Figure?

    Aspiring Artist?


    CEO / Business Owner?

    Let us help you turn your vision into the brand you deserve and your audience desires.

      • Using effective Marketing and Brand Identity practices we help you connect with your customers both locally and globally.
        • Providing information, engagement, and opportunities to choose your brand. Making it easier for your audience to find you and keep you in mind no matter where they are.
      • We give voice to your brand.
        • Providing an exclusive brand identity process to help you realize and/or recreate an existing brand to achieve your goals.


      Connecting brands & audiences.

      Original Prince Drawing
      Artist Portraits

      Brand Development & Design

      Sample of artwork
      We create custom Graphics, logos and artwork