• Living Sugar Free: It's not a diet, it's a lifestyle.

    "No one can tell you how. You have to discover what works for you. It's being free of all the things that hold you back from all of who you are. But 1st you have to embrace whoever that is. I intend to help."

    Andréa Raquel - Sugar Free Coach

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Speaking on various topics from a unique perspective. Many of which are not only relevant and timely, but necessary in today's climate of change.


Living Sugar Free Revealed Aspie Secrets published on Amazon. Audio book coming soon. 

#DIYHeadExtraction eBook coming soon.


Podcast and Vlog host of The Living Sugar Free Lifestyle Show on YouTube, TikTok, Twitch, Instragram, Periscope and all major podcast platforms including Spotify, iTunes and Google Play


The 1st female to serve as "The Voice" of the 3d US Infantry, The Old Guard, which is the Presidential Honor Guard, stationed in Ft. Myer, Virginia and Guardian of The Tomb of The Unknown Soldier as well as Tour Guides to the Pentagon and White House. That's a long story, see my about me section and read my book for more.

Founder of Better Me, Inc. and The Xstream Network Live (TXNL) a not for profit organization focused on helping social entrepreneurs improve their communities, businesses and lifestyles one solution at a time.

Social Media thought leader, brand influencer and social change advocate. With a background in psychology, management, and leadership development the focus is on cultural reform in organizations and mindsets.

Sweat❤'s Club

1st female "Voice of The Old Guard"

Founder of Better Me, Inc & TXNL

Social media pioneer & thought leader.

Advocate, adviser, change agent.

I am the brand.

"Every successful company and great leader I've ever worked under has encouraged me to be myself and use my best judgement. In all of those situations I have exceeded expectations, broken records and won achievements. At some point you have to realize that you are the change  in every opportunity and therefor a marketable solution."

Andréa Raquel - Sugar Free Coach

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It's my lifestyle.

"The goal is not to make a bunch of clones. The goal is to inspire you to create your own version of freedom to be yourself and live your truth in whatever way you desire. Being true to yourself and focusing on the the things that make you happy and inspire you to action."

Andréa Raquel - Sugar Free Coach 

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