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It's Living Sugar Free with Andrea Raquel, The Social Entrepreneur. An entertaining and informative show where Andrea and her guests share tips, information, interviews and news to keep you prepared and knowledgeable for a successful community, business and lifestyle. From food and health to protecting your identity we cover all the things that aren't in the text books. Andrea features guests from her network and people she meets that are successfully living examples of how you can achieve your goals by living your purpose.


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Speaking Topics

Customized talks available

  • Group Fitness & Healthy Living
  • Organizational & Enterprise Solutions
  • Minority, Youth & Women's Advocacy
  • Corporate Diversity, Change Management & Conflict Resolution
  • Social Entrepreneurship, Networking & Media
  • Veterans, Talent & Career Development
  • Resilience & Sustainability Talks & Programs
  • Group training, Team Building & Leadership development
  • Relationship, Mediation & Spiritual Counseling
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Available for speaking, training, hosting, guest appearances, modeling and quality endorsements.

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Andréa Raquel Young is The Social Entrepreneur, the original Sugar Free Coach, and 1st ever female Voice of the 3d US Infantry, The Old Guard, which is the presidential honor guard, guardians of the Tomb of The Unknown Soldier, Pentagon, White House and Arlington Cemetery Liaisons, and Voice of the US Army Drill Team, Fife and Drum Corps, Twilight Tattoo and all other major events within the Military District of Washington and at schools, community events and military installations all over the nation including arrival events for international dignitaries, wreath laying ceremonies at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, high profile promotions, honored military awards and designations, military and government anniversary events and celebrations, as well as the presidential inauguration. 

Herstory / Bio

Andréa Raquel Young: Visionary Leader, Engaging Speaker, and Empowering Author 

A Glimpse into the Life of Andréa Raquel 

Andréa Raquel is a visionary leader, engaging speaker, and empowering author who has dedicated her life to making a difference in various domains. As the first female Voice of 3d U.S. Infantry Regiment (The Old Guard) and founder of Better Me, Inc., Andréa has a unique ability to connect with and inspire a wide range of audiences. She is a thought leader and passionate advocate for inclusiveness, empowering others, and fostering collaboration through her #TXNL network, various publications, and engaging talks. Her dedication, expertise, and memorable achievements make her an invaluable resource for college students, executives, professionals, entrepreneurs, and community leaders alike.

Andréa Raquel author of '#LivingSugarFree Revealed: Aspie Secrets', is the founder of Better Me, Inc. She is also the host of "The #LivingSugarFree Lifestyle Show & Andrea In The Morning" #AITM and known by many as their Sugar Free Coach. Andrea and fellow members of The Xstream Network Live (#TXNL), are social entrepreneurs who seek to find business solutions to social challenges. The ultimate vision of Better Me, Inc. is to improve communities, businesses and lifestyles one solution at a time.

In the first year of operation the company helped countless individuals and businesses get a better perspective on sales, teamwork, staff development, marketing and technology improvements. 

In the second year a radio station was added to help promote the books and great messages of TXNL members as well as providing a safe platform to enjoy work place music and motivational business topics.

In the third year, Andrea partnered with small business visionaries to offer master minding and business incubation; offering management consulting and training to small and mid size businesses. Together these businesses form Total Solutions and are located at The Business Spa in various locations.

Better Me, Inc. provides opportunities to determine if they have the right solutions for you. Privacy is of the highest consideration and consultations are confidential. Andrea's goal was to establish an organization with a committed focus on providing solutions to their audience and to play at what they're good at. As a result she has created the perfect mix of entrepreneurship, philanthropy, publishing, social networking and leadership through partners and affiliates.

As a talk show host and internet radio producer, Andrea brings new media solutions to her clients and audience members through #TXNLVision with her social media and communications expertise. Solutions were strategically added to TXNL over the years to help clients and partners get trustworthy information; quality services and the most value available. As a marketing and strategy professional Andrea has hand picked partners and affiliates of Better Me, Inc. / TXNL to best serve the needs of clients and members of #TXNL. The #TXNLExecs are small business owners, coaches, authors and speakers who partner to provide total solutions for the community, the members, and each other. 

Simply Denise Management & Consulting, LLC is now responsible for leading the team, planning and execution to include event, grants, fundraising, hiring and training.

As the webmaster and developer for Better Me, Inc. and TXNL, in the early days, Andréa was also responsible for the design of many web sites and spaces for Better Me, Inc., TXNL and its members. Now she passes her experience and knowledge on to others and provides support for TXNLExecs and SDMC. Andréa believes that it shouldn't cost a fortune or take months to get your business online and in front of your potential clients. #TXNLExecs under the leadership of SDMC, help you get up and running in no time or take your struggling business to where you want it to be. Together we are the solution.

Professional Experience

A retail manager at the age of 20, The first female "Voice of The Old Guard" by the age of 30, Vice President, Branch Manager and Private Client Manager of Bank of America, real estate and securities licensed, and all around coaches coach. Also a successful Business Growth Adviser with OneCoach, leading business growth coaching company founded by John Assaraf. Andrea served as an Ambassador and Speaker for The Atlanta BeltLine. She was a Certified Zumba Instructor, trusted by local churches, gyms and mentor to instructors as well as various leaders, schools, and programs. Andrea's experience is as vast as her desire to pay it forward. She believes her reasonable service is giving her clients access to the knowledge and resources traditionally only afforded to high net worth individuals. She treats people as clients whether they are hiring her to speak, participating in a community event, or connecting with her online.

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Nutrition Advocacy 

After struggling with upper respiratory issues throughout childhood and the military, Andréa began doing research on the affects of sugar and Candida, household chemicals and our endocannabinoid system. An inspiring story great for any wellness event or talk about sugar. Join the academy.

Special Events

Passionate about wellness. Natural solutions and remedies are a priority and hot button. If you need retreats or special events focused on acceptance, healing & sustainability Andrea is ordained by multiple organizations.

Group Training

Teaching information and practices that are difficult to receive is challenging at best. Andréa can customize a solution for your team and specific issues. If you'd like multiple speakers or a panel event add it in your request.

Team Development

Motivating teams is second nature to Andréa, she's been doing it her entire career. As a retail sales manager, developing successful teams has always been and continues to be a driving passion.

It's a new day! You need diversity. Hire me to speak!

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