Epic Audio Fails

29.07.20 12:38 PM By Andréa Raquel

The Best Lessons Are Learned When Things Go Wrong

Let's discuss the irony of talking about not trying to be perfect while unknowingly having the biggest audio fail you've ever had. True story. I had the most awesome and eye opening discussion with Joshua Lee Ronin on our Thursday night live broadcast that was aired across Instagram, Tiktok and Twitter/Periscope. It lasted for over an hour until we got kicked off. I thought it was because we were being too controversial and maybe I was. However I can absolutely tell you it was not because of anything "we" said. As a matter of fact if you go watch the entire video, for those who really enjoy watching me, you will pretty much just see me hysterically having a conversation with myself. Not because there is no one else on the video with me. That part was planned. Because of Joshua's past life and experiences, I created a still slide of Joshua, but I assure you it was meant to have sound. I had no idea the entire time the audience could not hear a word Joshua was saying. You'd think, if you didn't know me at all, that I had staged the entire interview. 

Luckily, y'all know better. Also I've spoken with Joshua twice before on his show Ronin Uncensored. The first time was back in February, before quarantine, riots and murder hornets. Joshua shared the interview on Twitter, saying it was timely and profound in June and I went back and listened. He was right. I felt proud that we had the foresight, wisdom and heart to collaborate on such an insightful discussion and reminded him that by audience demand we promised to do a part two and now was the perfect time. I didn't get nervous about it until after he said it was a great idea and we set a date. I always get nervous about sharing ideas and information to help people. I always want to make sure I do my part to give people the best opportunity to succeed using whatever the concept is.

So we did the second interview in June and I literally had to listen to it before I was convinced I wasn't just babbling the entire time. You can listen to both interviews on your favorite podcast platform including Spotify, iTunes, and Google as well as on his YouTube channel. For your convenience I've included both right below. I hope you'll take time to listen and share your thoughts. 


As for my interview with Joshua, well you get to hear my side of the conversation anyway. He'll be back again soon, but the most awesome part of the whole story is that we decided on a name and concept for my new show that's going to be aired on Ronin Radio, a new 24/7 Internet Radio station. My show will air on Sunday afternoons and it's going to be a timely and relevant yet motivational good time. Not church. LOL! But feel free to say Amen and pass the offering plate if you hear some good word.

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Andréa Raquel