Level Up #DIYHeadExtraction

26.06.20 07:52 PM By Andréa Raquel

We're Helping Others As We Level Up

The #DIYHeadExtration was created in 2015 and it is so appropriate for today. As a matter of fact it's appropriate for every day, but especially during these very chaotic times. 

Every Thursday night at around 7pm EST, depending on guest schedule needs and potential tech glitches, we are having panel discussions, interviews, and topics around taking your community, business, and lifestyle to the next level in spite of and because of current events and chaos (pandemic, protests, bias, economy, and etc). The series is called Level Up - #DIYHeadExtraction and the 1st one was awesome. Although we experienced some sound issues we got some great recorded clips and I've started sharing those already.

The next episode is going to be great as well. 

This is going to be a long series. So  in the 1st episode I talk about why it's called Level Up. I shared a clip from the panel discussion with Veda Brooks of V2FosteringChange.org and Lily Aurora (LilyAurora.com) as well as some helpful tips to help you get started and/or level up your vision.

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