It's A New Day

15.01.22 01:05 AM By Andréa Raquel

A New Year, New Month,  New Day

Well this is 50! 

I'm blogging and creating content again. The tools have come so far, I would be remiss if I didn't take full advantage. I am now broadcasting, posting, blogging, and/or podcasting on all major platforms (including Amazon, Apple, Google, Spotify, and more) and my tribe is larger than ever (60k on TikTok alone). 

I owe it to myself, the creator, the world, my family, my network, and the #LivingSugarFree sweethearts to share the wonderful lessons, experiences, insights,  and stories that may edify others and that is all I owe. After a half  century of service I've finally realized I've gone above and beyond which is great, but it doesn't take all that to be happy, successful or philanthropic.

I'll be the 1st to admit that I'm really really bad at staying in touch and engaged, online and off. As an adult diagnosed Aspie,  an Army Veteran diagnosed with PTSD and MST, and the longest experience as a brown, indigenous woman who's been statistically erased, marginalized, oppressed, ignored, ostracized, overlooked, abused, neglected, experimented on, misdiagnosed, and etc, etc, according to recent studies (never mind my own experiences, as most often do), I've learned to forgive myself and not embrace the stigmas, criticisms, and insults of those who simply wish I was more accessible and socially available to them. I truly have done the best I knew how to do with the very limited resources and opportunities I've been given and when you know better you do better.

I've learned over the years, above and beyond my fields of study, work experience, and years in service to developing, healing, and leading others, it's not the difference that is the problem. It's not even how others feel about our differences that's necessarily the problem. The biggest issue for most people is how they feel about how others feel about their differences. Without stigma, we are free to discover solutions, inventions, workarounds, and otherwise manage whatever our diversity is that causes any type of awkwardness in society.

So in the new year and in my 50's I am focused on truly being the change, rather than always feeling the need to find a solution. I'm speaking and teaching more on spiritual topics and story telling that inspires healing. It's been an amazing journey this far and I'm excited see what how awesome the next 50 years is going to be as we transition into the age of Aquarius. There's never been a better  time to seek truth, focus on wellness and be intentional in our actions. It may seem ironic that I'm essentially saying I play to be more by doing less. But I promise if you stick with #LivingSugarFree and join us for our talks, challenges, and other activities you will catch on and you will apply this to your own life.

In the meantime, you are welcome to engage with me and my merry band of super friends around the net as we continue to glow up. Connect with us on all of your favorite platforms and your not so favorite ones. Maybe we can help them be less painful. If you search #LivingSugarFree @SugarFreeCoach you'll find me everywhere or check the links to the top right to get started and don't forget to share the love.

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So apparently everyone's views are down. Don't get discouraged. It's a new day and it's Capricorn Season. So let's get it. See y'all at 4pm PST! 🥰

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Andréa Raquel