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 Breaking the Cycle of Generational Blame! 

In a cozy kitchen where stories and aromas mingled, there lived a pot and a kettle. The pot, proud of its glossy surface, often boasted of its shine and utility. The kettle, older and wiser, with a few dents and a matte finish, listened quietly, knowing life in the kitchen was more than just ab...

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Unseen Heroes: Exploring the Impact of War on Gen X
Explore Gen X veterans' families' hidden challenges and inspiring resilience. Learn about mental health impact and ways to support.
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Welcome, fellow truth seekers and curious minds, to an extraordinary episode of our #LivingSugarFree Lifestyle Show #HumpayShift podcast! I'm Andrea Raquel, your host, also known as the @SugarFreeCoach. Today, we're embarking on a profound journey through time, uncovering hidden histories, and recla...

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